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"The reasonably priced AccuWeb Hosting offers terrific uptime, helpful customer service, and a Windows server operating system option for your website."

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  1. Currently out of stock as per WPNode's official website.
Lifetime Free Yes Not Mentioned Not Mentioned Yes Not Mentioned
Does allow Custom/primary domain hosting?
  1. Customer domain or primary domain name means the actual domain name you wish to use. e.g yourdomainname.com
Yes Limited to Subdomain Not Mentioned Limited to Subdomain Limited to Subdomain
Daily Service Offline hours
  1. Daily service offline hours means the time when providers take their service offline to encourage their free hosting customers to upgrade to their paid plans.Please note that uptime is different than daily service offline hours as this is intentional service outage defined by the vendor.
No service offline 1 hour Not Mentioned No service offline No service offline
Advertisement Free Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Disk Space 2 GB 1 GB 5 GB 500MB 3 GB
CPU Core Shared CPU Not Mentioned Not Mentioned 1 Core Not Mentioned
RAM 768MB Not Mentioned Not Mentioned 1 GB Not Mentioned
Credit Card required No No No No No
Email Accounts 25 0 Not Mentioned 0 0
Note: The data/information presented here is based on information available on the respective vendor's website in June, 2018.

Free WordPress Hosting

Hosting Features

WordPress Hosting

cPanel/WHM Control Panel


Pure SSD storage


PHP5.x, 7.x, Perl & Python


mySQL Database Support


Pre-Installed WordPress Blog


WordPress Auto Updater


Code Full access to WordPress


Engine Optimization Plugin


No Advertisement

Protocol Support



Highly Secured WordPress

Caching Plugin

Hyper Caching Plugin


No Pop-ups Or Banners

Really Free?

Really Free?

Yup, it is absolutely Free. No Credit Card required. Indeed, it is free for the lifetime. Enjoy our Free WordPress hosting for a life.

Ads or pop-up?

Ads or pop-up?

We do not publish banners, pop-ups or ads on your free hosting account. Your website will be 100% ads free forever.

Restricted Access?

Restricted Access?

Nope. You will have full access to your WordPress blog along with cPanel account access to make changes..

Compromise with quality?

Compromise with Quality?

Nope! We never compromise with the quality of the service. Enjoy fully optimized WordPress account with pure SSD storage.

Tools & Features

Tools & Features


AccuWebHosting offers Free WordPress Hosting on CloudLinux OS. CloudLinux allows to isolate users from each other and enhance the performance & security of the server.


With Free WordPress Hosting plan, you will have full access to your cPanel account. You can manage your files, email accounts, databases and more from a single panel.


AccuWebHosting offers CloudFlare service free of cost with even Free WordPress Hosting plan. It speeds up your WordPress site and protects it from online threats.


xVarnish accelerates the page speed with caching mechanism. It caches the commonly accessed files in memory and serves to visitors in microseconds.


Redis is a performance boosting tool used for caching queries executed within the WordPress database. It works with in-memory dataset which makes the performance outstanding.

Free WordPress Hosting is Muffin, But Our Premium Wordpress Hosting is an Apple Pie

AccuWeb Hosting provides free WordPress, which has won thousands of hearts, due to high level overall convenience, but its true that your websites size might increase, and so, might the requirements. No, you dont need to shift your database anywhere, as the Accuweb Hostings premium wordpress hosting is truly unbelievable. Its sensational features never let you feel desired even a bit! Theres a table below, letting you know what all extras are you enjoying with the premium plan over the free one.

Best Seller

Premium Wordpress Hosting

Available Server Locations

USA Singapore London Mumbai, India Sydney, Australia JHB, South Africa Frankfurt, Germany

Free Wordpress Hosting

Available Server Locations

Websites Unlimited 1
SSD Storage 30 GB to 75 GB 2 GB
Month Bandwidth 1 TB to 3 TB 30 GB
Entry Processes(Concurrent connections) 15 to 30 15
Physical Memory / RAM 1.5 to 4 (GB) 768 (MB)
Files (Inodes) 250000 125000
Outgoing emails / hour emails 500 100
MySQL connections / user 40 15
FTP Accounts Unlimited 5
Email Accounts Up to 1000 25
MySQL Database Unlimited 10
Free Migration Free cPanel to cPanel Migration Migration Not Offered
Backup Daily Depends on Backup availability
Managed Support Fully Self