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"The reasonably priced AccuWeb Hosting offers terrific uptime, helpful customer service, and a Windows server operating system option for your website."

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Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen

Founder at

I have a hosting reseller package with AccuWeb and have about 30 customers with them. I can only speak highly about the company regarding their great service and extremely competent technical abilities. Their technical staff has helped me on numerous occasions and their response time has always been very prompt. This is not to mention that I've never had a service outage over the twelve years they've been hosting sites for my customers.

Just this week alone I had two major problems where they took the time to remedy them, making sure myself and my customers were satisfied. The first problem involved an outside company rebuilding a Website I built for one of my customers many years ago. This 3rd party company used WordPress to create the new site.

I gave the 3rd party FTP access to upload the files but after they did so the site wouldn't load. I contacted Support and left it in their hands. After about 30 emails between the third party, & myself, with the help of AccuWeb's technical knowledge they were finally able to get the site up & running. I'm sure most other hosting companies wouldn't have even taken the time to lend their assistance.

The second problem arose when I accidentally deleted some files from another customer's server. After I made AccuWeb aware of the issue they were able to restore the files within an hour, using the latest backup of the site that they had access to. This saved me a lot of work and embarrassment. I would have hated to call my customer and tell him I screwed up and lost his files. These are just 2 examples of the excellent service and dedication AccuWeb has shown to me over the years. I highly recommend them for all the above reasons and many, many more. Aaron - webfashioner reseller package.

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Windows Reseller Hosting FAQs

In reseller hosting, you purchase the host's services wholesale and further sell them to customers at a higher price, for making the profit. The best benefit of reseller hosting is that you don't need to set up any infrastructure or customer support.

Yes, we do provide Plesk panel with all reseller plans. Plesk allows you to create hosting accounts for your clients.

All Windows Reseller plans come with free daily backup. Restoring the data from the backup is absolutely free.

Nope! The setup is completely free. You need to pay only for the plan you purchase.

Yes, you/your clients can create business email accounts with any plan.

Yes, you can create hosting packages for your clients and resell them at your own price. Windows Reseller Hosting is actually designed for you to make high Money, and we've kept our prices very low so that your profit margin increases.

Yes, all plans come with a 30-day no question asked money-back guarantee. You can evaluate our services in 30 days, and if you find that the plan is not suitable for your requirement (hardly any chances are there!), you can request a cancellation, and a refund will be done quickly.

Yes, as soon as you need more resources, you can easily upgrade to the next reseller plan anytime. The upgrade is seamless. Your data/sites will be intact, and there will be no downtime during the upgrade.